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Child Life Consultation for Parents, Educators, and Healthcare Professionals

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Medical Play

Blank cloth dolls, some markers, and some medical supplies are a great way to start the conversation with your child.

Consultations include two 45 minute information and solution-based conversations with those who are caring directly for an infant, child or adolescent who is also a medical patient. These consultations are also appropriate for parents who are facing a serious illness of their own and would like personalized support in explaining to their children in an age-appropriate way, or helping their children cope with the upcoming changes.

Topics of discussion may include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessment and Feedback regarding the child's coping and understanding of the illness or condition

  • Coping Strategy Design for separation from caregivers, medical procedures, surgeries, anticipated loss

  • Psychological Preparation for medical procedures or major changes

  • School Re-Entry, helping teachers explain and prepare classmates for a child returning to the classroom after a new diagnosis or life-changing medical procedure

  • Warning Signs and Red Flags that a child is not coping well and may need further intervention

Core Energy Coaching: Become the Leader of your own Energy

How do YOU want to show up in this “one precious life” (mary oliver)?

Individual and Family-Centered Coaching Programs

Coaching agreements are for six, nine, or twelve month periods.  Each agreement includes:

  • A pre and post Energy Leadership Index (ELI) attitudinal assessment and two 90-minute debriefing sessions

  • Weekly Homework Assignments and Tools

  • Two 90 minute, three 60 minute, or four 45 minute sessions per month via telephone or video conference

  • Unlimited email access between sessions

  • Option to share package between family members and caregivers (when relevant)

**A small discount is given when payments are made in full.

Steps to Getting Started

  • Schedule a 30 minute FREE consultation.

  • Read and sign our coaching agreement and schedule sessions.

  • Fill out the client questionnaire.

  • Complete your ELI online attitudinal assessment.  Sent via email.

  • Meet to go over results and create your coaching objectives. Fill out a “Wheel of Life”.

  • Continue weekly or bi-monthly sessions, submitting a session prep form prior to each session.

Sessions are conducted in my virtual office, a secure video conference platform and paid for in advance via Pay Pal, money transfer, or direct deposit. Inquire to explore the option that will serve you best.

As a certified International Coach Federation (ICF) coach, I adhere to their code of ethics and conduct and am committed to exceptional service. 

High Value Stand-Alone Sessions

Every client receives personalized results like these as a starting point to the coaching process.

Every client receives personalized results like these as a starting point to the coaching process.

90 minute Discovery Session: Understand your own Energetic Profile and Stress Reaction. This assessment and debrief is included in all coaching packages, but also available as a stand-alone session.

This fascinating tool can assist with decision making, uncover blind spots, enhance one’s ability to navigate stressful situations, improve communication and understanding within families, and reveal what is holding you back. Your score will act as a baseline in our coaching journey.

You will receive:

  • A 74-question online self-perception assessment (takes around 20 minutes)

  • An 11 page results report

  • 1:1 results debrief and personal development planning session

You’ll leave this session knowing where to begin and what your next step needs to be on the journey to living your life with more engagement and satisfaction.

2 hour Decision-Making/Strategy Session: a stand-alone session resulting in a personalized action plan and session report.  This is useful when you are facing a particular health care event, conversation, or decision and want to be as prepared as possible.  It can also be helpful if you are feeling stuck in your personal health and vitality goals and want to take the first step forward.  A values inventory and analysis is included in this session.

These two sessions can be used in combination.


Vibrant Interlude Membership

TREAT yourself to a monthly membership that will change everything. Our content is based upon the book by Elle Luna. Let's stand at the crossroads together, dream a little, and then take some action! In this interactive coaching group you will have the opportunity to:

crossroads image.jpg
  • Evaluate your "shoulds" in life

  • Gain clarity around what it is you really want (your MUST) and why .

  • Understand how your core energy level and stress reaction influence the should:must ratio.

  • Examine common roadblocks like money, time, space, and fear.

  • Name and face your fears and honor your vulnerabilities.

  • Make a plan and begin taking action

  • Participate in a monthly webinar designed just for Crossroad members

  • Receive a personalized guided meditation audio file

Along with the insight and new perspectives you'll develop, you will also receive creative homework assignments, a core energy self-perception assessment and a personalized debrief debrief session, individual laser coaching, as well as a supportive circle of others who are ready to shed some shoulds and increase the Fun Factor in their lives.  


Day/Time: TBA

90-minute core energy assessment debrief scheduled at your convenience

Registration happens the last two weeks of every month.

WHERE? Zoom and Facebook

Vibrant Women's Circle

Vibrant Women’s Circle 1/2 Day Seasonal Gathering

Meeting quarterly in the hills above Soave, Italy, women of all ages and backgrounds gather to speak and be heard, to hold safe and sacred space for one another through structure, intentional speaking, deep listening, and a little gentle yoga. Following the circle time, we share a potluck meal and celebrate with gratitude. Next circle meets the afternoon/evening of December 21st, 2019.

In the space between circles, we meet virtually, using Zoom or Google. Days and times vary to allow women from different time zones and lifestyles participate.

Sign up for Carolyn’s Monthly Morsels to receive details directly in your inbox and Join the Vibrant Women’s Circle Italy Facebook Page if you are interested in attending at some point.

Vibrant Women's Virtual Circle

Meeting monthly via Zoom, women around the world gather to connect and witness authentically and deeply. If you are craving deeper connection with women of all ages and stages, this is a wonderful way to do it, especially for those who find it difficult to get away to an in-person circle or who are not in close enough proximity to do so. There is a host, facilitator, guardian, and timekeeper in each circle. Leadership rotates between core members.  Contact Carolyn if interested in participating.

Additional "al a carte" Services

The following can be added to the Global Standard Packages or used in place of a regular session.

Individualized Guided Visualization Audio File

Using images and metaphors designed together in a coaching session, clients receive a downloadable audio file to support them in building skills around relaxation, conscious breathing, creative visualization, pain management, or whatever topic the client brings to the table. (see example on page entitled "Let's Connect!")