From My Clients





"Carolyn is creative and "heart-oriented" in her work.  This allows me to gain new perspectives on the topics we're working together on. Carolyn is a synergy of music and vitality-related work...who never stops learning.  This blend brings a very special flavor to her coaching style.  Our sessions always help me to feel inspired, gain clarity and be ready to make steps toward the goal.  If I look back, whatever I planned to achieve with Carolyn, happened.




"Your support really helped augment my quest toward a better quality and healthier life style!  You listened, kept me focused, and brought me back to my goals each time, helping me move forward.  That listening and keeping me goal-focused has made a big difference in that I am much more aware of the options available and able to make better decisions on my own behalf....You helped propel me into the 21st century!"



"My load feels lighter; my path is clearer.  That is how I felt while working with Carolyn.  She has a dynamic coaching style that combines the very best of intuitive listening skills with supportive, inspiring questions.   This has allowed me to delve deeply into what has been weighing me down and has allowed me to move forward with ease and grace.  Thank you, Carolyn! "   

P. P.


"I worked with Carolyn during three months of difficult and confusing circumstances and, to be honest, I don't think I'd have made it through that time had I not.  Carolyn was amazing, taking everything I talked about in stride.  She was able to throw out empowering questions just as quickly as my feelings changed.  If she could coach me through what I went through, then she can coach a person through just about anything."


Financial Advisor

"My production has increased every month since we started six months ago.  I truly couldn't have done it without you and because of you; my mindset has changed and I am truly grateful!!  Thank you again for unleashing my full potential...!"

Seminar Participants

"The energy and enthusiasm of the presenter was so important" "A great seminar!" " This is one of my favorite seminars; I truly learned something new!." "Great interactive conversation" "Energy and enthusiasm was helpful"  "Presents with a high level of effectiveness"  "Carolyn is so helpful and presents so well!"