Is this YOU?

Are you or someone you care for

  • living abroad or frequently relocating?
  • managing a health or vitality challenge?
  • in limbo, not knowing what will happen next, waiting for information or next steps?
  • facing a "new normal"?  A new diagnosis? A new country? A new healthcare system?
  • planning for an upcoming medical procedure or treatment?

I partner with international men, women, and teens, effected by a health challenge, who want to

  • learn and practice high energy coping techniques
  • create and maintain habits that support their own vitality
  • recognize and embrace what IS possible
  • feel more courageous, connected and creative
  • shift perspectives about well-being, disease, healing, and treatment
  • gain clarity and focus on next steps
  • prepare and empower themselves
  • build a legacy that represents the very best of themselves 
  • lean into limbo and find peace with not knowing
  • transform loss and grow through grief
  • live more vibrantly

Connect with me to create a unique plan to set you on the road to empowerment as you and your family embark upon your healthcare adventure.  Explore options, prices, and packages hereInterval Coaching and Consulting℠ also provides cozy, homey retreat & respite space for small groups or families who'd like to do group coaching, Energy Leadership training and yoga, or creative legacy projects in the Verona hills.