About Carolyn & Interval Coaching

My load feels lighter; my path is clearer. That is how I felt while working with Carolyn. she has a dynamic coaching style that combines the very best of intuitive listening skills with supportive, inspiring questions. This has allowed me to delve deeply into what has been weighing me down and to move forward with ease and grace.
— Rachel, Living Vibrantly with a Medical Condition in the USA


Carolyn is creative and “heart-oriented” in her work. This blend brings a very special flavor to her coaching style. Our sessions always help me to feel inspired, gain clarity, and be ready to make steps toward the goals. If I look back, whatever I planned to achieve with Carolyn, happened.
— Olga, Loving and Learning in Turkey
  • Expat, 16 years living outside my passport country

  • Mom and Partner, cross-cultural, dual-national, tri-lingual family

  • Circle Coordinator (Italy), Gather the Women Global Matrix

  • Host, Vibrant Women’s Circle

  • Collaborating Writer, I Am A Triangle

  • Contributing Writer, Insights and Interviews from the 2017 FIGT Conference: Creating Your Tribe on the Move and Extraordinary Experiences: Tales of Special Needs Abroad

  • Vocalist, Blanco & Tinto Big Band (Cortaccia, Italy)

Carolyn’s support really helped augment my quest toward a better quality and healthier life style! She listened, kept me focused, and brought me back to my goals, helping me move forward. I am much more aware of the options available and am able to make better decisions on my own behalf. “
— Jody, Embracing Retirement with Vitality in the USA



  • Facilitator, Gentle Yoga, Interval Coaching & Consulting (Cortaccia, Italy)

  • Subject Matter Expert, Presenter, Pediatric Pain Course, Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesu' (Vatican City)

  • Subject Matter Expert, Presenter, Therapeutic Play Course 1, Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesu'

  • Subject Matter Expert, Presenter, Therapeutic Play Course 2, Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesu'

  • Facilitator, Stress Management Through Guided Imagery, Army Community Services, (Vicenza, Italy)

  • Facilitator, 6 Steps to Stamina: Balancing Stress Series, Army Community Services

  • Co-Facilitator, 7 Habits of Effective Military Families, Army Community Services

  • Presenter, Enhancing Family-Centered Care Intensive, Johns Hopkins Children's Center (MD, USA)

  • Presenter, Psychological Preparation Intensive, JHCC

  • Facilitator, The Child Life Process/Documentation Seminar Series, Child Life Internship Program,JHCC

The energy and enthusiasm in Carolyn’s presentation was so important! Great interactive conversation! Carolyn presents with a high level of effectiveness.
— Seminar Participants


“What’s an Interval and What Does it Have to Do with Coaching?”

A pause, a period of time, an opening, a gap, the distance between two points. 

Blanco y Tinto May Rehearsal  (14).JPG

French composer, Claude Debussy, famous for his use of non-traditional musical scales, said, "Music is the space between notes."

As a coach, I encourage people to practice the thing that anchors them to their true inner self. For me, singing and music has always been the anchor. Musical rests--those spaces between notes--are like touchstones, reminding me to breathe, to rest, to focus. The moment I inhale, everything I do in the silence of that rest prepares me for the note ahead. The quality of that breath, the mental and emotional control as I exhale, dictates whether the note will be sharp, flat, soft, booming, or somewhere in the middle.

But you don’t have to be a musician to experience the intervals between notes. These are the spaces in life brimming with uncertainty where anything is possible.

This space, though sometimes daunting, can been a place to recover your breath, to listen, to prepare, to re-tune, to reflect, and to create.

With health challenges, this pause is often the "waiting time" --waiting for results, waiting for appointments, waiting for a treatment to begin or end. 

For the globally mobile, in particular, this gap can be especially overwhelming. There is often a cultural component to address along with the medical treatment, a diminished support system, and a language barrier. Navigating healthcare becomes part of the international adventure! 

Through Interval Coaching & Consulting℠ , I partner with global families to 'fine-tune' the space between illness and wellness, disease and ease, and distress and eustress ('good' stress), so that they experience a greater sense of preparedness, personal power, creativity, and peace throughout the healthcare journey. 

As one of more than 5700 Certified Child Life Specialists around the world, I have a unique skill set with which to help children, teens, and families through a myriad of medical experiences. Rooted in child development, stress and coping, and learning theories, this work empowers children and caregivers using practical, hands-on techniques.

"When life happens, you are going to have to tune as you go . We're not here to do it perfectly; we're here to do it thoroughly." -Mark Nepo

"When life happens, you are going to have to tune as you go . We're not here to do it perfectly; we're here to do it thoroughly." -Mark Nepo

I am here to be a consistent and objective travel companion: a personal adventure guide, helping you emerge from overwhelm so you are motivated and energized to plan, prepare, make decisions, create balance, and learn to just be in the interval between then and when (YES! That's right now!).

Savor your existence. Live every moment. Do not waste a breath.
— Nando Parrado, Miracle in the Andes